Fridge Freezer Buyer's Guide

Fridge Freezer Buyer's Guide

Here are the top fridge freezers for each of the main types: American-style, freestanding and integrated. These are not the latest models, but they're the best.  Opening your fridge freezer door has never been easier.

Although you'll find the best fridge freezers for each type, you should know your budget, whether you need to store lots of food, and any special features you need, like if you need to connect it to your dishwasher.

For the American-style, freestanding, and integrated fridges, you'll want to know what colour you're looking for, how much food you need to store, and whether you're looking for a unit that can be connected to your dishwasher. If you don't intend to use it much, you might want to consider the smaller units to avoid wasting space. We hope this guide helps you find the best fridge freezer for you.

What size fridge freezer should I buy?

The decision regarding the buying of a fridge should be based on the needs of a family. A fridge that can hold 200 litres is ideal for a smaller household. Large families should look for models that have a capacity of around 400 litres. Something with a larger capacity of 700 litres would be better for a very large family. The size of the fridge freezer can also be based on how much space there is in the kitchen. An upright fridge freezer might be better if there's limited space in the kitchen for a large appliance.

A fridge freezer with a wide variety of interior spaces is recommended. Between the crisper drawers, the freezer, and the fridge, lots of space will be needed to store lots of produce, cooked food, dairy products, and non-perishable food. A family may want to consider buying a fridge freezer with separate, independent zones. Every member of the family will be able to set their perfect temperature.

Large family fridges need to hold 400 litres to be practical. Smaller households will be better off purchasing a fridge with 200 litres. The fridge freezer can also be based on the amount of space that is available, so an upright model might be better if limited space.