Best Gaming TV's for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Best Gaming TV's for PS5 and Xbox Series X

We've found the Samsung QN90A QLED to be the best gaming TV for PS5, equipped with an LED backlight. The Samsung QN90A QLED is a gaming TV that packs a lot of features. It has a low input lag, excellent response time, as well as VRR technology. This should make it compatible with the PS5 when the update is released. An LED TV is safer than OLEDs. This is especially important if you enjoy playing the same games for long periods of time with similar UI elements.

The PS5 delivers stunning picture quality with deep blacks and a fantastic local dimming function. It also has outstanding peak brightness. HDR gaming on the PS5 is stunning. The PS5 has small highlights that stand out as they should, and an impressive color gamut so you don’t lose any details when playing the latest games. The TV is great for couch gaming, with its wide viewing angles and excellent reflection handling. This means that glare should not be an issue.

Best Gaming TV's for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Although switching to Game Mode will ensure the lowest input lag, it can have a slight effect on picture quality as the local dimming function isn't as effective in Game Mode. Eye strain can also be caused by the 120Hz backlight flicker in Game Mode. It's an excellent TV that can be used for almost any purpose. Although the PS5 doesn't have all its features, it is a future-proof option and the best TV for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

If you have the chance to purchase Sony's new console, then the best TV for PS5 is next on your shopping list. You can expect incredible graphics from the PS5 so you will need the best TV for PS5 - or the best you can afford.

You can enjoy 4K resolutions on the PS5 (and even 8K in the future, Sony promises), as well as variable refresh rates and HDR (High Dynamic range). Buying a gaming TV that supports these features for your PS5 can greatly enhance your gaming experience. A OLED TV will, for example, offer incredible contrast with vivid colours and deep blacks that make Spider-Man Miles Morales' games seem to spring from the screen.

Variable refresh rates are a feature that the best TVs for PlayStation 5 support. HDMI 2.1 allows the TV's to adjust the speed at which it refreshes an image to match your console's frame rate. This allows for smoother gameplay with less screen tearing and more responsive actions. This can be a significant advantage in many games.

You can still get a PS5 if you haven't found one yet. Keep an eye on our PS5 stock tracker to see if we have any. If you're looking to increase your storage, take a look at our selection of clearance and ex-display external hard drives for PS5.

The Hisense U8G is a cheaper option. Although it does not have Mini LED backlighting as the Samsung QN90A QLED it isn't as bright. However, it has a great response time and exceptional input lag. This results in a responsive gaming experience that blurs behind fast-moving objects. The device also supports FreeSync VRR technology. However, it is not clear if HDMI ForumVRR works. This format is what we expect the PS5 will work with. The flicker frequency of the backlight in Game Mode doesn't change, so it is almost as flicker-free as Movie Mode. However, VRR enabled game mode has been reported to cause ghosting, which could be distracting. It has poor viewing angles and is not recommended for co-op gaming. The Samsung TV is better for PS5 gaming because of its higher peak brightness and lower input latency. The Hisense gaming TV is still a great option if you are looking to save money.

Gaming TV Sales

The arrival of new TVs is not common until the spring or summer. This means that you have at least three to four months before you can find out what TVs will be on sale. You should consider buying them if you find great deals on the models from previous years in January. We have reviewed their performance and recommend them to you.

Black Friday is a great time to get bargain televisions at a fraction of the price. However, their images might not be as sharp as those on higher-end models. For a better idea of the value of the discount, compare the model numbers with the reviews.

Is it worth the price for a cheap TV?

Even though budget-priced TVs are appealing, if you're not ready to make the leap to 4K or fear the PS1,000+ price tag, these TVs might be a good option. Even if the TV is 4K HDR, be careful. You could get a great deal or disappointment.

The performance of budget TVs is variable and tends to be mediocre. There are some great deals available, such as the TCL 6-series which combines excellent picture quality with a low cost. There are many TVs on sale that don't perform as well as the high-end models.

You shouldn't expect big-name companies to consistently produce high-quality budget products. Although companies like Sony, Samsung, and LG can create amazing flagship TVs, the quality of their low-end models isn't as good as those from budget-oriented brands like Element and Hisense. They also tend to be a bit more costly. Our reviews and the quality testing we do can help you choose a screen that isn't compromised on quality.

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