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Our online marketplace is thrilled to offer a selection of ex-display homeware and furnishings from Next, presenting an exceptional opportunity for savvy shoppers to find premium items at discounted prices. This growing range, sourced from Next's ex-display stock, includes everything from cozy bedding to stylish furniture, perfect for those looking to refresh their home decor.


  • Bedding Sets: Dive into our diverse range of bedding sets, featuring ex-display items like duvet covers, pillowcase sets, and fitted sheets. Available in various sizes and styles, these sets include unique designs such as unicorn themes, fleece material, brushed cotton, and jacquard floral patterns.

  • Curtains: Enhance any room with our selection of ex-display curtains. Choose from different colors, patterns, and sizes, including options like gingham, chenille, mini chevron, and velvet quilted designs, some boasting blackout and thermal features.

  • Rugs: Our assortment of ex-display rugs offers a variety of choices in size, design, and material. Explore options like a winter scene runner, Harley Geo rug, and Fozzy rug to add comfort and style to your floors.

  • Home Accessories: Discover an array of ex-display home accessories in our collection. Items include seasonal decorations like Christmas trees and 3D Christmas cards, practical pieces like a bright rainbow organizer, and decorative touches like fragranced pot pourri.

  • Furniture: Browse through our selection of large furniture pieces, including various styles of footstools and couches. These ex-display items, used previously for demonstration, offer great value and style.

Shop Smart and Stylish Our marketplace is the perfect destination for those seeking to beautify their home with high-quality, affordable furnishings from Next. You can browse and purchase these items with the confidence of getting a great deal on premium products. Visit our online marketplace today to explore the full range of ex-display homeware and furnishings, and give your home the makeover it deserves!

* please note - we are not affiliated with Next, this is a online platform that sellers ad their clearance, returns, cancelled orders and ex-display items from Next.  We also encurage you to visit the Next website directly as they also sell ex-displays on the Next website.

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