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Bamboo Gazebo Bar... the centrepiece attraction at The Garden Furniture Centre's delightful Warwickshire Showroom...

Expertly crafted from treated bamboo, the Bamboo Gazebo presents an exceptional solution for year-round outdoor pleasure. It's not just a purchase, it's an all-inclusive experience, as the price also encompasses delivery and full installation.

Constructed from numerous securely bolted sections, the frame offers robust durability. The attractive lattice-work panels interspersed at regular intervals and a solid, strip-work floor reveal the meticulous attention to detail involved in its design.

The Gazebo boasts an inner table, likewise constructed from treated bamboo. Its removable feature allows for versatility; one can simply take it out when dining is not the main event.

The roof, a work of craftsmanship in itself, is made from waterproof thatch. An inner layer of woven bamboo strips fosters a warm, enclosed ambience, while the synthetic mesh on the outer thatch ensures seamless water runoff. The gazebo's roof also features a charming vented apex, adding another dimension to its appeal.

The Gazebo doesn't merely sit on the ground; it's lifted on solid supports for stability and endurance, regardless of the weather. The side curtains are easily rolled up to the roof when not in use, providing the flexibility to adjust the space as desired. These are also included in the purchase price.

The Garden Furniture Centre offers a range of inclusions with this ex-display item. These include a heater, a table, blinds, seat pads, cushions, and three bar chairs.

(Please Note: Scatter Cushions & Dining Accessories are not part of the package).

As for dimensions, the base is 2.5m wide and 2.7m front to back, providing ample space for your social events. The roof expands even further, measuring 3.8m wide and 4.1m front to back.

The Ex-display Bamboo Gazebo Bar at The Garden Furniture Centre isn't just a structure; it's a ticket to an outdoor lifestyle of relaxation, enjoyment, and sociability. Don't miss the chance to see this wonderful piece on display at the Warwickshire Showroom.

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