HoMedics Stretch Yoga Mat

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HoMedics Stretch Yoga Mat with Adjustable Back Body Stretching, Release Tension, Improve Flexibility, 4 Built-In Treatment Programs, Simple Foldaway Design + Handy Strapping System for Easy StorageThe home of wellness: HoMedics, originally founded in 1987, is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body, de-stress and simplify your life Innovative design: Inspired by yoga. Stretch guides you through a range of treatments designed by HoMedics very own certified yoga teacher, with over 12 years of yoga practice A new way to unwind: Inspired by yoga-style stretches, the HoMedics stretch back stretching mat is pre-programmed with four relaxing treatments to recreate the ultimate yoga experience Say bye to stiff backs: There are many benefits of limbering up for the day ahead, whether you?re tied to the desk or staying active, stretching at least once a day can leave you feeling livelier Release tension and improve flexibility: Using a handheld control, every treatment can be customised to perfect the intensity and suit your flexibility - stretch is for the yoga-less and the yoga lovers This an ex display with slight damage to the box.HoMedics Stretch Yoga Mat in Heanor, Derbyshire

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