How it Works (Ex Display Marketplace) is an online platform dedicated to ex display, ex demonstration and clearance products. No items are sold by us (Ex Display Marketplace) on the platform. Items and products are sold by the sellers via their preferred eCommerce platforms such as their website, eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and via in-store. (Ex Display Marketplace) accepts no transactions for items and products sold on this website. The sellers handle all the transactions, delivery, and customer services. (Ex Display Marketplace) will never ask for payment for an item or product listed for sale on this website. Our focus is to connect our visitors to sellers who sell good quality ex display and clearance goods. (Ex Display Marketplace) do not charge commissions on any item or products shown on this website. The sellers pay us a small listing fee to showcase their items and products on the (Ex Display Marketplace) website.



The (Ex Display Marketplace) is place you can visit time and time again to seek out bargains on high value items and products such as kitchens, sofas and even caravans. We have strict rules in-place to keep cowboys at bay. We only allow products to be listed after vetting the quality of the company. We conduct spot checks on length of time in business, online reviews, and value for money. Any seller deemed not to meet these high standards of checks are not allowed to post product listing on the (Ex Display Marketplace).

Save a small fortune on high-value items and products on the (Ex-Display Marketplace). It’s not just high-value products where you can save money on, we have an ever-growing marketplace of gadgets, clothing, kitchenware and homeware, and for around the garden and home. We encourage you to have a browse around the (Ex-Display Marketplace) to see if you can spot bargains for you, the family, or your friends.


We offer a fantastic opportunity for sellers to showcase their items and products that are being sold as ex-display, ex-demonstration and clearance. We have a fast-growing visitor base who are looking for bargains. They mostly find us through search engines and social media platforms as we are uniquely positioned for search terms and keywords including the word ‘ex-display'. Ex-display is our bread and butter, we promote ourselves as one of the leading platforms that visitors can find ex-display and clearance bargains.

Your business can capitalise on the website traffic that we receive to send visitors to your website or online shop. You can list your ex-display items and products from as little as £1.00 per listing. That includes a business profile with all your company information and website link. The product listings include photographs, product descriptions and a link directly to your product page or online store.

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