INTEL Core™ i7-12700K Unlocked Processor

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The 12th Generation of Intel(r] Core(tm] Processors is here! With a revolutionary core architecture and lightning-fast clock speeds, the i7-12700K will allow you to take your gaming to new heights. Secondary apps can run in the background seamlessly. The processor can be overclocked to unlock extreme performance and is also unlocked. The 12th Generations CPUs are compatible with most 600 Series motherboards. They also support PCIe Gen 5. You can also benefit from DDR5 memory and other great features such as Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.

CPU Specifications

12th generation processor
The Intel Core(tm), i7-12700K Processor was designed for the most demanding games and software. You can easily work with complex programs without any lag thanks to the lightning-fast response. This processor of the 12th generation is equipped with all you need to seamlessly switch between AAA games.

The i7-12700K can be used to multitask effortlessly, watch 4K videos on three monitors, and play large open-world games.

Alder Lake

The new processors from Intel, Alder Lake, are based on a hybrid architecture that combines high-performance Cores Golden Cove with Power-efficient Cores Gracemont. This results in a processor that is extremely fast and has the best performance-to-power ratio.

Increase your performance

The i7-12700K CPU is easy to overclock with. It has been unlocked so that you can customize the specifications that are important to you. You can increase the speed of your processor to make it run faster when it is important.

Compatible with DDR5 RAM

The latest version of random access memory is available on Intel(r), 12th generation processors. DDR5 RAM is optimized for efficiency and offers better performance with lower power consumption. This means that your system will run more efficiently and faster without consuming electricity.

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