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Modern Rattan, a well-respected seller of superior garden furniture, presents a variety of ex-display and end-of-line products. These pieces have been showcased previously and are now available at significantly discounted prices.

  1. Texas 8 Seat Round Ice Bucket Dining Set with Lazy Susan: Available in brown and grey, this unique dining set is an excellent addition to any outdoor entertainment space. With its in-built ice bucket and a lazy Susan, this set redefines comfort and convenience.

  2. Dallas Sofa Set: Crafted to perfection, the Dallas Sofa Set available in brown and grey, brings a contemporary touch to your outdoor relaxation and socialising area. With ample seating, it promises comfort and style in equal measures.

  3. Kingston Corner Deluxe Corner Dining Set with Fire Pit: The Kingston Corner Dining set, in either brown or grey, seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. The in-built fire pit provides a delightful focal point, perfect for late-night discussions or marshmallow roasting.

  4. LA 8 Seat Round Ice Bucket Dining Set with Lazy Susan: Make your outdoor dining experiences even more memorable with the LA 8 Seat Dining Set. Available in brown and grey, it comes with a lazy Susan and an ice bucket for added convenience and enjoyment.

  5. Barcelona Corner Group with Ice Bucket and Chair: This stylish furniture set, available in brown and grey, provides a cozy corner for casual conversations and lounging. The ice bucket feature makes it an ideal choice for summer get-togethers.

  6. Chelsea Lifestyle Suite with Glass Table Top: This elegant suite, offered in brown and grey, brings a level of sophistication to any outdoor space. The glass tabletop adds a touch of modern elegance, making it a stunning statement piece.

These are just a few of the pieces on offer. Explore the full range at Modern Rattan website to discover more exceptional ex-display outdoor furniture options.

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