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Alec's 3 Piece Suites is known for its wide range of second-hand and refurbished sofas, offering styles for every taste. Our unique service includes a part-exchange program where customers can swap their old sofas for new ones. This approach not only benefits customers but also supports eco-friendly practices.

In our workshop, each pre-owned sofa is thoroughly cleaned and refurbished by expert upholstery cleaners. This process ensures that every sofa is of high quality and comfort, ready for its new home.

Our refurbished sofas are priced to suit various budgets, ranging from £100 to £300. We have categories like sofas under £100 for those looking for a bargain, sofas under £200 for a mid-range choice, and corner sofas under £300 for more space.

Choosing a used sofa from us is more than a purchase; it's an eco-conscious decision. You get a sofa that's as good as new without the hefty price tag. With a range of styles and sizes, we're confident you'll find the perfect sofa for your home at Alec's 3 Piece Suites.

Our second-hand sofas are priced attractively between approximately £100 - £300, making them an accessible option for those seeking quality without the high price tag.

  • We also offer special categories for every budget:
    • Sofas under £100: Perfect for those on a tight budget.
    • Sofas under £200: A middle-range selection for added choice.
    • Corner Sofas Under £300: For those desiring more spacious seating options.

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