Seller Terms & Conditions

An Overview of the Ex-display Marketplace and Its Seller Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions if you are considering becoming a seller on the Ex-display Marketplace. The following terms and conditions will help you become a successful seller on the Ex-display Marketplace.

The Ex-display Marketplace is a dynamic online platform designed to connect buyers with sellers of various ex-display products. Offering a unique and curated selection of items, the marketplace aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for consumers while enabling sellers to effectively promote their products. To ensure a successful selling experience and maintain a high standard of quality on the platform, sellers must adhere to the Ex-display Marketplace's terms and conditions.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the essential aspects of the platform's Seller Terms & Conditions, covering topics such as account and subscription management, properly managing listings, prohibited items and actions, and reporting violations. By following these guidelines and maintaining high ethical standards, sellers can maximize their potential on the Ex-display Marketplace and contribute to a positive experience for all users.


Listing Products on the Ex-display Marketplace

Getting started as a seller on the Ex-display Marketplace is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined below, you can quickly set up your shop and start listing products for free on the platform.

  1. Sign Up: To begin, sign up for a seller account on the Ex-display Marketplace website. Complete the registration process by providing the necessary information, such as your name, email address, and a password.
  2. Shop Opening Request: Once registered, log in to your seller control panel and click on the "Shop Opening Request" button. This will notify the Ex-display Marketplace team that you are interested in opening a shop on the platform.
  3. Review and Approval: Your shop opening request will be reviewed by the Ex-display Marketplace team, typically within 24-48 hours. If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and gain access to additional features in your seller control panel, allowing you to start listing products.
  4. Listing Products for Free: With your shop approved, you can now begin listing products on the Ex-display Marketplace for free. Create detailed and accurate product listings, complete with descriptions, images, and pricing, to showcase your items to potential buyers. Remember to include the “External Link” to direct visitors to your own website for further information or purchases via the “Visit Seller Button”.

By following these simple steps, you can efficiently set up your shop on the Ex-display Marketplace and begin listing products for free. As a seller, always adhere to the platform's terms and conditions to ensure a successful selling experience and contribute to a positive environment for all users.



Account Management and Listing Options

The Ex-display Marketplace offers a user-friendly experience for sellers, allowing them to list products for free and manage their accounts with ease. Understanding the different listing options available and effectively managing your account is crucial to optimising your success on the platform.

  1. Free Listings: All sellers have the opportunity to list their products for free on the Ex-display Marketplace. This enables you to showcase your ex-display items without incurring additional costs. With free listings, your products will appear in relevant search results and category pages, giving you exposure to potential buyers browsing the platform.


  1. Sponsored Listings: For sellers seeking greater visibility and more exposure, the Ex-display Marketplace offers the option to upgrade to sponsored listings. Sponsored listings are a paid feature that grants your products prime placement on the platform, increasing the likelihood of attracting interested buyers. To upgrade to sponsored listings, sellers can choose durations that best suit their needs.


  1. Renewing or Upgrading Listings: As a seller on the Ex-display Marketplace, you have the flexibility to renew or upgrade your listings at any time. You can choose to maintain free listings or opt for sponsored listings to give your products a visibility boost. The platform makes it easy for you to renew or upgrade your listings, ensuring that your products continue to receive the exposure they deserve.


  1. Managing Expired Listings: When your sponsored listings expire, your products will revert to free listings and continue to be visible to buyers. To maintain the added exposure of sponsored listings, you can choose to renew your sponsored listings package and continue benefiting from the prime placement on the platform.

By understanding the different listing options and effectively managing your account, you can tailor your selling experience on the Ex-display Marketplace to suit your needs and maximize your success. Remember, staying within the guidelines and keeping your account in good standing is essential for maintaining your listings and enjoying a positive selling experience.


Properly Managing Listings

One of the key aspects of a successful selling experience on the Ex-display Marketplace is effectively managing your product listings. By keeping listings up-to-date and accurately representing your products, you can maintain visitor confidence and increase the likelihood of making a sale. Additionally, the platform allows sellers to direct visitors to their websites through the "Visit Seller" button, providing an opportunity to further showcase your products and brand.

  1. Accurate Product Descriptions, Images, and Pricing: To create a positive impression on potential buyers, it is essential to provide accurate and detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and competitive pricing. Ensure that your descriptions accurately represent the product's features, dimensions, and condition. Use clear, well-lit photographs that showcase your products from multiple angles. Finally, research market prices to ensure your pricing is competitive while still providing you with a fair return.


  1. The "Visit Seller" Button: The Ex-display Marketplace allows sellers to include a "Visit Seller" button on their listings. This feature directs visitors to the seller's website, where they can learn more about the seller, and their products, and even make a purchase. By integrating the "Visit Seller" button into your listings, you can drive traffic to your website and increase the visibility of your brand.


  1. Managing Sold Products: When a product listed on the Ex-display Marketplace is sold on your website or web store, it is your responsibility to update the product listing on the platform. Promptly ending the listing or editing it to point to another relevant product page on your website is essential to maintain visitor confidence and avoid confusion.


  1. Seeking Assistance: If you need help with managing your listings, updating the "Visit Seller" button, or any other aspect of your seller account, do not hesitate to reach out to the Ex-display Marketplace support team. They are available to assist you and ensure your selling experience runs smoothly.

By effectively managing your listings, utilising the "Visit Seller" button, and keeping your products up-to-date, you can maintain visitor confidence, increase your brand exposure, and ultimately, achieve greater success on the Ex-display Marketplace.


Prohibited Items and Actions

To maintain the integrity of the Ex-display Marketplace and ensure a positive experience for both buyers and sellers, certain items and actions are strictly prohibited. Familiarizing yourself with these restrictions is essential to avoid violations and potential consequences, including the loss of seller account privileges or legal repercussions.

  1. Fake Goods:
  • Definition: Fake goods, also known as counterfeit items or knockoffs, are unauthorized reproductions of branded products that are intended to deceive consumers into believing they are purchasing genuine items.
  • Consequences: Listing fake goods on the Ex-display Marketplace is strictly prohibited. Violators may have their listings removed, face a loss of seller account privileges, and could face legal action as evidence of counterfeit goods may be reported to trading standards authorities.
  • Verification: To avoid unintentionally listing fake goods, always verify the authenticity of products before listing them. This may include checking for brand holograms, and serial numbers, or seeking authentication from reputable sources.
  1. Stolen Goods:
  • Definition: Stolen goods are items that have been unlawfully taken from their rightful owner, without their consent, and to deprive them of their property.
  • Consequences: Selling stolen goods on the Ex-display Marketplace is strictly prohibited. If a seller is found to be listing stolen items, the listings will be removed, and evidence will be preserved and reported to the police. Violators may also lose their seller account privileges and face potential legal repercussions.
  • Ensuring Legality: To ensure the items you list are legally obtained, always verify the ownership and legality of items before listing them. This may include checking for proof of purchase, verifying the chain of ownership, or conducting background checks on the items' origins.

By adhering to these guidelines and avoiding prohibited items and actions, sellers can contribute to a trustworthy and secure marketplace for all users. If you suspect another seller is violating these terms, it is essential to report the suspected violation to the Ex-display Marketplace, allowing the platform to investigate and take appropriate action. Following these rules and maintaining high ethical standards helps ensure a successful selling experience and fosters a positive environment for all members of the Ex-display Marketplace community.

Reporting Violations and Seeking Assistance

The Ex-display Marketplace is committed to maintaining a secure and positive environment for all users. To uphold the platform's standards and guidelines, sellers need to report suspected violations and seek assistance when necessary. This section provides an overview of the process for reporting violations, how the platform investigates and enforces rules and the available support resources for sellers.

  1. Reporting Suspected Violations: If you encounter a listing or seller that you believe is violating the Ex-display Marketplace's terms and conditions, it is crucial to report the issue. To do so, use the platform's reporting feature or contact the support team directly. When reporting a violation, provide as much information as possible, including screenshots, links to the listings in question, and any other relevant details.
  2. Investigations and Enforcement: Upon receiving a report, the Ex-display Marketplace team will investigate the suspected violation. This may involve reviewing the listings in question, gathering additional evidence, or contacting the seller for clarification. If a violation is confirmed, the platform will take appropriate action, which may include removing listings, suspending or terminating seller account privileges, or involving legal authorities when necessary.
  3. Available Support Resources: The Ex-display Marketplace offers various support resources for sellers to help address questions, concerns, or technical issues. These resources include a comprehensive help centre, which contains articles and tutorials, as well as a dedicated support team that can be contacted via email or live chat. The support team is available to assist with account management, listing questions, and any other issues that may arise during your selling experience.

Actively reporting violations and seeking assistance when needed, sellers can contribute to a secure and positive environment on the Ex-display Marketplace. Maintaining high ethical standards and adhering to the platform's terms and conditions is essential to a successful selling experience and the overall health of the marketplace.


Upholding High Standards for a Successful Ex-display Marketplace Experience

As a seller on the Ex-display Marketplace, adhering to the platform's terms and conditions, maintaining high ethical standards, and employing best practices are crucial to a successful selling experience. By effectively managing your listings by avoiding prohibited items and actions, and reporting violations, you can contribute to a secure and positive environment for all users.

By following the comprehensive guidelines outlined in this article, sellers can maximize their potential on the platform and ensure a satisfying experience for both themselves and their buyers. The Ex-display Marketplace remains committed to supporting its sellers, providing resources and assistance to help them thrive in the competitive world of online sales. Together, we can create a thriving marketplace that benefits all members of the Ex-display Marketplace community.

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