Viking Trek 4-Season Sleeping Bag - Black

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VIKING TREK 350X SLEEPING BAG is tested in the harshest of conditions and delivered to you at an exceptional value. With the strength of Vikings, no place on Earth will be off limits with our summer & winter sleeping bags! 4 SEASON SLEEPING BAG! - Our premium quality 350g filling and drawstring hood design - certified to EN 13537:2012 standards and awarded temperature ratings: Comfort 8?C, Limit 3?C and Extreme -11?C. Camping sleeping equipment for all weather! STAYING DRY MATTERS ? Adults & kids sleeping bag with compact compression carry bag is 100% waterproof and has a built in hood so your sleeping bag stays dry even when carried outside your backpack in the rain, sleet, or snow! NEVER CATCH A ZIPPER AGAIN - Our unique anti-snag zipper tag prevents your zipper from getting caught on the material of your compact sleeping bag liner. BREATHABLE FABRIC - Our inner material wicks moisture away from your body and out through the breathable outer shell. Stay Comfortable at any temperature! Viking Protection The best camping equipment keeps you safe, warm and dry, no matter how unpredictable the weather on your trip is. Long hikes and memorable festivals with friends are great fun, but the most important thing is that everyone gets home healthy and happy. With the Viking Trek 350x sleeping bag ? you and your loved ones are perfectly prepared for any surprise that mother nature could have in store. Complete your camping survival kit One of the most important things in any camping kit is a breathable sleeping bag that keeps moisture out thanks to its waterproof carry bag. It?s compact and lightweight meaning anyone can carry it. No camping kit or backpacking equipment is complete without a Viking Trek Zero Degree Sleeping Bag! Stay warm in the night without sweating!The waterproof material used for the Viking Trek carry case helps to ensure that your sleeping bag stays dry no matter what and you can always take a nap. The interior liner material wicks moisture away from your body and out through the breathable case, so that you don?t start sweating when the sun shines on your tent in the morning. Time for high quality camping equipment from Viking Trek. Great as a giftGive your favourite camper some warmth and safety, whether scout or backpacker. So you can be sure that he stays warm every night warm as you think of him (just as he is thinking about you as he snuggles in his Viking Trek sleeping bag) This is bankrupt stock, never been out of its bag/

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